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Acquisition Search

If you are looking to acquire a business and are looking to identify suitable target businesses then Streets Corporate Finance offers clients a comprehensive Acquisition Search facility.

Acquisition Search

Streets Corporate Finance’s Acquisition Search process provides a tailored service for clients looking to identify suitable targets to acquire, the service involves:

  1. Initial consultation with the client to discuss their growth plans, the type of acquisition they are looking for, the funding they have available, how they can raise additional finance and the mechanics behind acquiring a business etc;
  2. Carrying out detailed research on Corpfin and Company Query databases. These are expensive subscription based databases of all UK companies which is powered by Experian and contains Companies House information for every business in the UK and Northern Ireland. The database is extremely powerful and allows our team to search specific criteria by many variants including specific financial data, shareholder detail and key words for example. The database ordinarily emits a list of 100-300 companies that match the criteria entered;
  3. Analysing the output data in greater detail – each company is looked at in more detail to ensure that it is financially and commercially sound and that the company is a good match for the clients criteria;
  4. Presentation of results to the client – the report provides details of the target companies, their website and an overview of their financials. Typically the number of companies in the report is 20-30 after the earlier results have been filtered;
  5. Discussing and deciding on targets to approach with the client;
  6. Approaching the targets on the client’s behalf so anonymity remains intact (via letter and phone);
  7. Acquiring further information from the target (e.g. detailed accounts) and arranging meetings between the two parties; and
  8. Additionally, sending out a one page anonymous flyer outlining the criteria to our contacts database of over 1,500 accountants, corporate financiers, bankers and lawyers across the UK who may have clients for sale matching the criteria.